Register for a CNT Class

Follow the steps below to successfully register for a CNT class. Be prepared to complete all registration steps within 48 hours to avoid cancellation of your request.  


Step 1:

Read all content on the Overview and Policies and Procedures pages thoroughly.  

Step 2: 

Gather all required eligibility and disability accommodation documentation (more information about eligibility can be found in the table below).

Step 3: 

Visit the course listings page (link below) and select your preferred date, location, and exam language. Once on the registration page, click the “Fees” tab and make your selection to begin the registration process. 

Step 4:  

Complete and submit the online registration form (new users will need to create a new profile, individuals retaking CNT will need to log in). You will receive an email that confirms your registration requestNote that your credit card payment will be authorized, but will not be charged until your application has been approved and you have been accepted into the class. 

If you are retaking CNT and are unable to log in, please do not create a new profile. Instead, email, and we will help activate your existing account. 

Step 5:

Complete the Eligibility Documentation Upload Form (login required), uploading all required documentation within 48 hours of your initial registration request. Your registration will not be approved unless you have completed this step.  

Step 6: 

Watch for an approval email stating that you have been enrolled. This email will also contain a link to  additional information about what to expect and how to prepare for the course. 

Required CNT Eligibility Documentation (choose one):

If you are...

please provide...

retaking CNT

no additional documentation is needed. In order to be considered a "Retake", you must have previously registered for a CCAOM CNT Course and either a) did not pass, b) did not attend the course you registered for/cancelled, or c) took and passed CNT, but need to retake the course for NCCAOM/ state licensing purposes. 

a currently enrolled student at an acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine school or program


Domestic students: a signed copy of this school signature form, signed by an authorized school officer.

International students: an official, translated copy of your transcripts

a graduate from an acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine school or program

a copy of your transcripts AND diploma. (If these documents are in a language other than English, you must provide an official English translation.)


an applicant for the NCCAOM examination


your NCCAOM Candidate ID number.

enrolled in a state or NCCAOM approved tutorial, including completion of needling techniques training*

 a copy of the state or NCCAOM approval letter for your tutorial, as well as a letter from your tutorial provider documenting your completion of needling techniques training.

a licensed acupuncturist or other healthcare professional legally authorized to practice acupuncture in the United States*

a copy of your license, as well as a copy of the current state statute authorizing acupuncture as being within the scope of practice of your profession. If you practice in California, please provide your license number instead.


a NADA detoxification specialist*

a copy of your NADA certificate of training.


*U.S. courses only

Once you are registered, review your profile information to make sure it includes your date of birth, and that all information is up-to-date and spelled/capitalized correctly. The way that your name appears on your profile is the way it will appear on official documents, such as your certificate of completion. The address you provide is where your CNT certificate will be sent, so please make sure it is current.


Ready to begin? Click this link to see all CNT course sessions.