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Update on ICD-11 Codes for Traditional Medicine

The latest issue of Acupuncture Today features an editorial by Marilyn Allen of the American Acupuncture Council on the ICD-11 diagnostic classification codes, which will be released in February 2021 for use and training in advance of the 2022 implementation date.

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Upcoming & Recent Events

Date Event Location
Shen Nong Society East Asian Herbal Medicine Conference Virtual
4/30/2021  American Academy of Medical Acupuncture 2021 Symposium Virtual
6/14/2021 The Society for Acupuncture Research Virtual Conference: Pandemics, Pain & Public Health: Roles and Relevance of Traditional East Asian Medicine (Note: Abstract submission deadline extended to March 15) Virtual 
1/9/2021 US Collegiate Taiji Federation Continuing Education Course featuring Harvard Medical School Guest Lecturers (sponsored by University of East-West Medicine Virtual 
11/12/2020 CCAOM Membership General Business Meeting (Materials Packet / Reports) Virtual