CNT Course Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the CNT course? The course is now 100% online! You will complete 15 modules (at your own pace) and associated quizzes, based on the CNT Manual. After passing the live-proctored written exam, you must also successfully complete an online real-time practical exam with a NCCAOM-certified and state-licensed examiner. 

What is the registration process? Completing an online registration request and selecting a date for your live-proctored written exam is the first step. An email will be sent with a link to submit required eligibility information. After review and approval, you'll receive an email and can access the online modules. More detailed information about the registration process and eligibility requirements will be available soon. 

When and how are course materials distributed? All the information necessary to complete the course and prepare for your live-proctored written exam and online practical exam will be available in your portal or course modules upon approval. If you are not able to access these materials or do not receive a reminder email, please contact our office

How long does the online course take? The online course modules should take approximately 7 hours to complete. They do not need to be completed all at once, however. In addition to the course modules, CCAOM recommends candidates spend an additional 15 hours studying the CNT manual independently. 

How long is the written exam? You will have 90 minutes to complete your exam on your scheduled exam date and time. 

How do I access the written exam? A link to access the written exam is provided in your CCAOM portal once your registration has been approved. Once you have entered the exam, a proctor will guide you through the process of setting up your cameras and accessing the test software. 

What do I do if I have trouble accessing the written exam on my exam day? Please visit your CCAOM portal for more details on who to contact is you have trouble accessing your exam. 

How long is the practical exam? When you register for a practical exam, you will choose a date and three hour block of time. However, the exam itself should take no more than twenty minutes. You will be assigned to a specific exam time during that three hour window and notified closer to the practical exam date. 

How do I switch written or practical exam dates? Please contact our office to make a request to switch exam dates. Policies and fees for switching exam dates can be found here

How do I schedule a retake exam? Retake exams can be scheduled by the candidate on the CCAOM website. The retake fee is $75 for the written exam and $75 for the practical exam. 

When and how are certificates sent following course completion? Certificates will be sent by U.S. mail  4 to 6 weeks after course completion. Early certificates may be requested for an additional fee by submitting a request.

Is verification of CNT completion automatically sent to the NCCAOM or any other organization? No, we do not automatically send verifications. NCCAOM and most state boards require CNT verification to be sent directly from the CCAOM. Please check with your state board to find out what their requirements are for CNT verification. See the Make a Request page to complete a verification request online.