Clean Needle Technique Course Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are courses offered?

The CCAOM offers approximately 50 CNT courses annually at member colleges across the U.S. and several times a year in Asia (China, Hong Kong, and Korea). All courses are scheduled on the weekend.

What is the registration process?

Selecting a class date and location by making an online registration request is the first step. An email will be sent confirming receipt of the request with a link to upload required eligibility documentation. When all information is received, reviewed, and approved, an approval email is sent notifying you that you have been enrolled. For more detailed information about the registration process and eligibility requirements, please click here

Who teaches the CNT courses?

Each CNT course is taught by an NCCAOM-certified and state-licensed instructor who has completed the CCAOM instructor training program. The CNT instructors are assisted by trained examiners who have been NCCAOM-certified and hold a current state license, as well as administrative support personnel.

When and how are course materials distributed?

All the information necessary for preparing for a course will be available in your portal once your application has been reviewed and approved and you have been enrolled in the course. A reminder email will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the course date. If you are not able to access these materials or do not receive a reminder email, contact the CNT office to find out why. 

How do I know if a class is cancelled?

If a class is cancelled, a notification email will be sent with information about selecting an alternate class or requesting a refund.

How do I withdraw from a course?

In order to withdraw from a course, please contact our office at

How do I switch class dates?  

In order to switch class dates, please contact our office at

How do I schedule a retake?

Individuals who are retaking the CNT course should register for their preferred course date online. For more information about the registration process, please visit the Register for a CNT Class page on our website. 

Why isn't the course offered in an online format?

Due to the hands-on nature of the practical portion of the course, the CNT course cannot be conducted online.

When and how are certificates sent following course completion?

In general, certificates are sent by mail generally 4 - 6 weeks after course completion. Early certificates may be requested for an additional fee by submitting a request.

Is verification of CNT completion automatically sent to the NCCAOM or any other entity?

No, we do not automatically send verifications. NCCAOM and most state boards require CNT verification to be sent directly from the CCAOM. Please check with your state board to find out what their requirements are for CNT verification. See the Make a Request page to complete a verification request online.

How will the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation affect the CNT course?

For more information about CCAOM's policies and procedures surrounding COVID-19, as well as updates to related course cancellations, click here.