Minimum Technical Requirements

The new Clean Needle Technique course is completed entirely online. The following minimum system requirements are necessary to access the video course modules and complete the live-proctored written exam and examiner-administered practical exam.

Hardware Requirements

  • Mac, laptop or desktop PC 


  • Mobile device (smartphone, tablet), including iOS, Android or Blackberry devices and Microsoft Surface PRO 2 or higher running Windows 8.1 or higher
  • Built-in or USB plugin speakers, microphone and webcam / HD webcam

NOTES: You are required have two devices with functioning cameras and microphones to complete the live-proctored written exam (i.e. a laptop and Smartphone, a desktop PC and tablet, etc.). If you do not have two devices, you will not be allowed to complete your exam.

You will be required to download and install software prior to your written exam that will lock down your browser during the test.

Tablets running Windows 10 S-mode are NOT supported.

Bluetooth devices are not recommended due to potential connectivity issues. , etc.).

System Requirements 

  • For viewing and completing the online course modules:
    The online modules contain lecture videos and online quizzes. You will need access to the video platform “Panopto” to view these lectures on your device.
  • For the live-proctored written exam:
    CLICK HERE to read more about system requirements for the written exam.

NOTES: You must have administrative privileges on the device you will be testing on so that you can make changes to the system preferences and add/remove software.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for connecting to your proctor on the date of your exam.

  • For the one-on-one practical exam sessions administered through Zoom:

CLICK HERE to read more about system requirements for Zoom. 

Bandwidth Requirements

  • A broadband wired or wireless (minimum 3G or 4G/LTE) internet connection; wired connection is preferred
  • Up/down sending / receiving speed of 600Kbps / 0.6Mbps (high quality video), 1.2Mbps (720p HD video) or 1.8Mbps (1080p HD video)

NOTE: Use this link to determine your internet speed