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Yahoo Groups

The Yahoo Groups listed below have been created for the use of CCAOM member college representatives only. The purpose of the groups is to facilitate communication among college officials who have similar work responsibilities or an interest in a specific subject. These groups have as much security as Yahoo can provide in that any CCAOM college representative can join a group, but only with the permission of the Council's national office. This permission will be freely granted to any bona fide representative of a CCAOM member school. In effect, this security feature means that when CCAOM representatives communicate with their colleagues within a particular group, they can be reasonably assured that they are communicating only with persons within the Council's membership.

There are two ways in which you can join a group of your choice:

  1. Click on one of the links indicated below and follow the instructions for "Join This Group"; or
  2. Contact the national office at and indicate which group you wish to join.

In the first case, Yahoo will automatically send the national office your request to join the group. In the second case, Yahoo will send you an invitation to join the group. Use whichever method you prefer. On request, the national office will create Yahoo groups for other readily identifiable categories of college officials or subject matter.

Here are the home pages for the CCAOM Yahoo Groups.

CCAOM Admissions Officials

CCAOM Academic Deans

CCAOM AOM Research

CCAOM Clinic Deans

CCAOM College Libraries

CCAOM Herbal Group