Clean Needle Technique Program


Membership Benefits

Membership in the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provides extensive benefits.

  1. National Office
    The Council’s national office is located in Baltimore, MD and serves as a resource for the Council’s member schools and provides information to the general public on member programs. The office is staffed Monday through Friday.
  2. CCAOM Clean Needle Technique Course
    The national office is also the Council’s CNT headquarters. The Council provides a nationally recognized certificate program in Clean Needle Technique. Successful passage of this course is required for NCCAOM certification and by many states for licensure.
  3. Web Site:
    The Council’s web site includes hot links to the Council’s member schools, information about the Council and its committees, notice and schedules of upcoming meetings of the Council, the Code of Ethics for member colleges, newsletters, and links to other national organizations in the AOM field.
  4. Bi-Annual Meetings
    The CCAOM conducts bi-annual meetings. These meetings offer a forum for discussion on issues that affect colleges and the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession.
  5. Committee Activity
    The Council currently has 19 committees. A list of committees appears on the Council’s website. The committees perform very significant work for the Council
  6. Member Training
    The Council offers trainings for the benefit of its member colleges during its bi-annual meetings. There have been workshops for college Presidents/CEOs, clinic directors, academic deans, admissions personnel, librarians, student services officers, etc.
  7. Communication with ACAOM
    The Council works closely with ACAOM in shaping and revising curriculum.
  8. Doctoral Programs
    The Council was largely responsible for drafting the first doctoral proposal for the Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (D.A.O.M.), which was subsequently approved by ACAOM in 2000. In 2004 ACAOM approved the Council’s proposal for a separate Doctorate in Acupuncture degree. The Council participated in the deliberations of ACAOM’s Doctoral Task Force (2003-2004) concerning the development of a possible first-professional entry-level doctorate.
  9. Working with national organizations
    The Council works with other national organizations in the AOM field and meets with several of these organizations at its bi-annual conferences to forward the AOM profession.

The Council has two full-time staff members serving the organization. David Sale is the Executive Director of the Council. He works closely with the President, committees, and the colleges. Paula Diamond is the Program Manager for the Clean Needle Technique (CNT) program at the national office and the Finance Administrator responsible for the day-to-day finances of the Council.

In addition to the forgoing benefits of Council membership, many benefits are intangible and include information and resource sharing among the Council schools, collegiality, and support for a variety of college activities. As the Council continues to grow, it is able to offer more services to its members.

If you have any questions on membership, please call our national office at 410.464.6041.