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The AOM graduates featured on the CCAOM website are all graduates of one of the Council's member colleges. Each member college of CCAOM will have one of its graduates featured on this website on a rotating basis each month. Profiles for previously featured graduates may be viewed at this link for Archived Profiles.

Graduate Profile of Victoria C. Aguilar, MSAOM, Dipl. L.Ac. (NCCAOM), L.Ac

Victoria C. Aguilar

Most rewarding aspect of practice: Giving back to those who have served our country while in uniform. Interacting with the military community truly offers some unique challenges and I look forward to offering my services to them in every possible way. I also love being able to gauge the difference between how my patients feel before and after they have been treated. I enjoy following up with them one or two days after treatment to see how they are progressing. When I hear that their symptoms have improved, it leaves me with a great sense of fulfillment and motivates me to help more and more people. Someday, I may start to focus more on establishing a formal practice, but for now I am very happy with gaining exposure to as many patients as possible to steadily and with greater confidence refine, sharpen, and apply my new-found skills.

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