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The AOM graduates featured on the CCAOM website are all graduates of one of the Council's member colleges. Each member college of CCAOM will have one of its graduates featured on this website on a rotating basis each month. Profiles for previously featured graduates may be viewed at this link for Archived Profiles.

Graduate Profile of Haro Ogawa, MSOM, LAc, CMT, ATC

Haro Ogawa

Most rewarding aspect of practice: Getting to build a successful practice. Seeing peak performance by the players because of my treatments.

I want to mention that it is really different being a therapist with the team rather than being in individual practice. Working with the SF Giants, I watch and memorize players' best performances. I watch them every day so I can see when something is wrong and I can observe them as they recover. Therefore, each treatment can be more subtle and I can do smaller interventions rather than wait until something is really wrong. But in a clinical setting, you only have one chance to get a good result because you may not get to see the patient very often.

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