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Graduate Profile of Jean-Pierre Chacon, L.Ac.

  1. Date of graduation: January 2006
  2. Full-time or part-time practice: Full-time practice
  3. Current practice setting: Solo practice
  4. Areas of practice specialization:
    • Type of patients: I specialize in athletic injuries, overuse injuries, and acute or chronic pain and Cosmetic Acupuncture.
    • Type of therapy used: Acupuncture, Acu-point Injection therapy, Chinese herbs, Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Massage.
    • Principal conditions treated: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatic Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Anxiety, Insomnia, Arthritis Pain, Allergies, Constipation, Acid Reflux, Cold/Flu symptoms, Cough, Sinus Congestion.
  5. Postgraduate Education: Acu-point Injection Certified,Cosmetic Acupuncture Certified
  6. Most rewarding aspect of practice: Helping individuals who had given up and thought there was nothing anyone can do to help. Helping low income individuals that cannot afford conventional health care.
  7. Most essential tips for other graduates desiring to establish a successful practice: Give from your heart, be humble. Always remember that helping people is a privilege that should never be taken for granted. Be thankful and everything should fall into place.

Jean-Pierre Chacon is a 2006 graduate of Acupuncture and Massage College, a CCAOM member institution. For a list of all CCAOM member colleges
see state list.