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Graduate Profile of Allan Chang, MSOM, DAOM, LAc

  1. Date of graduation: June 2012 (MSOM), April 2015 (DAOM)
  2. Full-time or part-time practice: Full-time
  3. Current practice setting: The main office of my practice is at an integrative medicine clinic in Walnut, CA with branch clinics in Hacienda Heights, Chino, and Montclair, CA. I work with a medical doctor who specializes in OB/Gyn and family medicine. All of the clinics are under the name "123 Medical Group."
  4. Areas of practice specialization:
    • Type of patients: My practice serves a diverse population of patients of new and old immigrants to the U.S., as well as other patients from the local community. These patients have different income levels and varying types of health insurance.
    • Type of therapy used: I integrate TCM and Western Medicine to treat my patients. I utilize acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tui-na (TCM Orthopedics), ultrasound, and certain Western Medical approaches in collaboration with my MD partner.
    • Principal conditions treated: The majority of the conditions I treat are musculoskeletal and auto-immune disorders.
  5. Postgraduate Education: DAOM Degree from Dongguk University of Los Angeles (April 2015).
  6. Most rewarding aspect of practice: To identify patients' conditions after they have suffered for years and to begin to treat those conditions effectively so that they can regain their health and quality of life.
  7. Most essential tips for other graduates desiring to establish a successful practice: Patience, compassion, and dedication.

Allan Chang is a 2012 graduate of Alhambra Medical University, a CCAOM member institution. For a list of all CCAOM member colleges see state list.