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Clean Needle Technique Course

The application form for 2015 classes will not be available until sometime in September. Please do not apply for 2015 classes until the 2015 application form is posted on our website.


Date Language Course Code Deadline Location Host
  9/14/2014 CLASS FULL CLASS FULL CLASS FULL Alexandria, VA Kings Park Univ.
  8/24/2014 CLASS FULL CLASS FULL CLASS FULL San Jose, CA Five Branches
  11/9/2014 English 110914CO 9/9/2014 Denver, CO CSTCM
  11/8/2014 English 110814TX 9/8/2014 Austin, TX THSU
  10/19/2014 English 101914HI 9/5/2014 Honolulu, HI ICAOM
  10/25/2014 English 102514OR 9/5/2014 Portland, OR NCNM
  10/25/2014 English 102514O2 9/5/2014 Portland, OR OCOM
  10/26/2014 English 102614FL 9/5/2014 Orlando, FL FCIM
  11/2/2014 English 110214CA 9/5/2014 Whittier, CA SCUHS
  10/19/2014 English 101914CA 9/5/2014 Berkeley, CA AIMC
  10/5/2014 English 100514MN 8/5/2014 Roseville, MN AAAOM
  9/21/2014 English 092114NY 8/5/2014 Mineola, NY NYCTCM
  9/21/2014 Chinese 092114CH 8/5/2014 Beijing, China Oriental Bay Hotel
  10/4/2014 English 100414MN 8/5/2014 Bloomington, MN CAOM
  10/4/2014 English 100414CA 8/5/2014 Los Angeles, CA Yo San
  10/12/2014 English 101214NY 8/12/2014 Syosset, NY NYCHP
  10/12/2014 English 101214FL 8/12/2014 Sarasota, FL EWCNM
  9/7/2014 English 090714IL 7/21/2014 Chicago, IL Midwest College
  8/24/2014 Chinese 082414CC 6/30/2014 Sunnyvale, CA UEWM
  8/16/2014 English 081614CA 6/30/2014 Los Angeles, CA SCUSOMA
  8/3/2014 Korean 080314CK 6/3/2014 San Jose, CA Five Branches
  12/6/2014 English 120614MA 10/6/2014 Newton, MA NESA