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Clean Needle Technique Manual, 7th Edition

Notice to CNT Course Applicants--Downloading the CNT Manual. To prepare for CNT courses based on the 7th Edition of the CNT Manual, please download this PDF file to your computer or other device, or to a flash drive. You can then study for the course using the digital file that you have downloaded, or you can take a flash drive containing the file to a print-to-go center and have it printed out on paper. The printing cost depends on the service center’s cost per page and what features you request. On the day of the CNT course, you can bring your computer or other device containing the digital version of the Manual with you to the class, or you can bring a printed copy. You will NOT be allowed to refer to the Manual in any form during the written exam, but you may want to refer to it during the lecture portion of the course.

ENGLISH MANUAL (latest revision 5/17)

CHINESE MANUAL (latest revision 5/17)

KOREAN MANUAL (latest revision 5/17)

Permission to Reprint Manual. The CNT Manual (7th edition) is a copyrighted publication of CCAOM, but CCAOM grants permission for the Manual to be reprinted and/or reproduced unedited from the CCAOM website only. As the Manual is periodically updated on the CCAOM website, reprinting or reproduction from any other website may result in obtaining obsolete content. The CCAOM does not provide hard copies of the Manual. Any person may link to the CNT Manual on the CCAOM website without permission of CCAOM. No content of the CNT Manual may be translated into any language unless the translator has entered into a prior written agreement with CCAOM.

Submission of Comments concerning CNT Manual. CCAOM will respond to comments concerning the substantive content of the CNT Manual if the comment references: (1) the specific page(s) in the manual to which the comment applies and (2) a specific source that supports the comment, such as a CDC or OSHA standard, or authoritative safety studies. If these requirements are met, the comment will be responded to within 60 days after receipt of the comment. Otherwise the comment will not receive an individual response and will be held for consideration when the manual undergoes its annual review in November/December of each year. If, in the opinion of CCAOM, a comment involves an immediate safety issue and contains the aforementioned page and source references, CCAOM will respond to the comment at the earliest practicable date after receipt of the comment.